• Michael Hari

    LINDSEY WHY ARE YOU SO LEGIT?!?!? I keep getting stumped on each of the Easy challenges in Coderbyte ;(.. How much experience of coding/javascript have you had before this post, and what resources would you recommend to train my Javascript Logic? My interview with Hack Reactor is in 6 days, and I feel like my Javascript logic is still that of a baby’s.. btw, your github has been really helping my friend and I :D.

    • Lindsey

      Hi Michael, I was actually doing some work toward a Masters in Computer Science before this, so I’m not the typical person going into all this. Definitely run through the Codecadamy stuff. Also is awesome but maybe more advanced than you’ll need to begin with.

    • Shenanigans

      did you get into hackReactor?

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  • Jee

    Currently going through coderbyte for a bootcamp interview. I love your blog post.

  • Hey, when you say they wanted you to get through all the easy coder bytes challenges in less than 5 minutes did you mean one exercise in 5 minutes or all of them? lol