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Home – For Now

The updates got away from me. Life has just been flowing one day to the next. A mix of sun and California and coding. Days will go by where I forget how I got here. It feels like I’ve always been here and then I see or hear something so stereotypically Bay Area-ish that I […]

Hippie Caturday

Caturday is upon us again! I spent a bunch of time last weekend with one of the best friends and her mom in her mom’s new house. This in Influenza, her cat, on a very hippie looking rug.

Grumpy Old Man

Happy Caturday! I promised pictures of Isaac eventually and here they are. He always seems like a grumpy old man in photos and he acts like that a lot unless you come near him for scritches. Then he’s all happy and purry.

Jack Standard

More cat pictures!, you cry? Happy to oblige. Jack again, being his standard needy self. Someday I’ll get a good picture of my other boy, a tuxedo named Isaac (he’s camera-shy).